Another of our precious companions has crossed the rainbow bridge. 

"It is with deep sadness that we must let you know that 
Jalapeno, Jeremy and Amber's furbaby, joined Cassie Gray 
today at Rainbow Bridge. I guess God needed another 
outstanding fur-therapist to administer to the all of the 
furbaby's waiting for their owners at Rainbow Bridge, for 
I am sure they miss us as much we miss them.

Today around 11:30, Jalapeno went in to have several 
teeth extracted and the remained cleaned.  While 
recovering anesthesia Jalapeno unexpectedly went into 
cardiac arrest.  The vets were unsuccessful in their 
attempts to resuscitate.  Jalapeno was only six years 

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Jeremy and Amber.  I 
know there are no words to fill the void and ease the 
pain they are feeling right now. We can only support them 
with our love and be there for them when they need us. 

I shall always remember Jalapeno's dancing eyes, his 
energy and enthusiasm for everything he did, his love of 
life, his love for his Dad and Mom, how proudly and with 
such joy he showed us his new tricks, his love of 
coursing, how he so happily greeted each resident and 
patient, and how the residents eyes would light up when 
Jalapeno performed for them". 
Jeani Gray
Executive Director
Helping Paws of NC

"Just when I thought there was nothing left of my heart after Cassie passed away, I found out differently when I received the email from Jeremy about Jal's passing. I could not comprehend another tragedy. But it was only after looking at Jal's web site did it really hit home. I knew Jeremy, Amber and Jal, I knew what Jal meant to them, I saw the pride in Jeremy's eyes when he showed another trick Jal had learned, and I saw that reciprocated in Jal's eyes when he looked at his Dad. What I did not realize was what a zest for life this animal had. As I looked at the pictures on the site, I shook my head in amazement. Jal had a love for life that that most of us envy. He never seemed to be afraid of anything, always trusting his mom and dad, but eager to try everything, and try everything he did. He was amazing, truly amazing. But what is more amazing is that God placed him with two parents that recognized his abilities and eagerness to experience life. 
There were no two people more suited to be his parents. Jeremy and Amber, please know that you were chosen to give this special animal the most wondrous and bright life before he left this earth. How lucky you must feel to have been privy to this brave, courageous little soul. As you and Amber will never forget him, neither will anyone who ever experienced his life-force, it was so strong. God bless both of you and know you will see and feel him again........." 
Denise Kelly Hutson
Associate Director
Helping Paws of NC

"Surely this is some crazy mistake and you are talking about a dog other
than the Jalapeno Ackerman who was one of the most beautifully trained, 
responsive and friendly sighthounds I've ever had to opportunity to meet!
First Cassie, now this?! These tales are too ridiculous and unfair to be 
true! Jeremy and Amber, you have my sincerest sympathy and my abject disbelief. Jalapeno was a VERY special dog and he will be missed by all who knew him! For those of you who did not have the good fortune of getting to know Jalapeno, he was a walking, wagging testament to what retired greyhounds cannot only learn, but completely excel at. He was a terrific obedience dog, he knew tricks that would put movie and TV dogs to shame,  and his skills as a therapy dog were wonderful. His manners in public were pure Emily Post material, and to see him go after a ball was to see happiness and bliss in tangible forms. If all dogs had owners and handlers who were as dedicated to their dogs' continuing "education" and joyous life as Jeremy and Amber were, there would be no need for "No Dogs Allowed" signs in public places, or "no pets" clauses on leases anywhere.I am horrified to hear of Jalapeo's passing...and today my fervent hope that a place like the Rainbow Bridge literally exists is tripled -- as it would do all of our hearts inordinate good to know that Jalapeno and Cassie Gray, and Denise's Cookie and my own goofy, anxiety-ridden Oscar -- as well as the rest of our faithful 'hounds who have left us -- are truly somewhere together sleeping on their backs on a giant couch with their long, gangly legs sticking out all over the place".
Molly Stone-Elmore
Director of Training
Helping Paws of NC
Communicanine Motivational Training